One of the original 18 districts of the Australian Capital Territory, Tuggeranong Valley is the southernmost. 19 suburbs together, span 117 square kilometres, to the east of the Murrumbidgee River. Valley was home to the indigenous people of Ngunnawal tribe for over 21,000 years, before Europeans invaded Canberra in 1820.

The Europeans, after carrying out various expeditions and exploration, were determined that the valley was indeed suitable for human and animal settlements. They figured that the valley is a well-watered neighbourhood having an extensive land area on either side of the Murrumbidgee River, and also carrying traces of limestone, sandstone, slate, and granite, along with enough timber to build almost everything needed to start inhabitation.

The National Capital Development Commission (NCDC), took over the planning and construction. Tuggeranong established and developed through the 1960s to 1970s accommodating its growing population. And the rest is history!

Tuggeranong is bursting with Urban Development, especially real estate; multi-unit apartment buildings, redevelopment, retail centres, and comprehensive transport system, extensive residential development has sprung up all across the town.

Locals will agree, that Lake is one of the key elements, supporting ongoing urban real estate growth around its banks. Lake created in 1987 by constructing a dam on one of the tributaries of the Murrumbidgee. Today, it’s a popular recreation place bustling with people going about their business in the town centre or relaxing on the parklands in the front.  A large number of residential and community facilities surround the lake, including a college, high school, a library connected to information services, a community centre, countless restaurants and cafes, a shopping plaza and the Tuggeranong Arts Centre facility offering art workshops, and includes galleries, museums, a dance studio and a theatre.

Southquay Greenway, the newest waterfront precinct located along the shores of the lake. It houses over 1000 units and more than 3000-meter square commercial space, right in the heart of the town centre. One of the very well positioned locations, McIntyre Property called it our home too with the opening of our 3rd office in Canberra. Tuggeranong also boasts of a growing number of residential blocks available to buy across the district, owing to the effort of the ACT government’s Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation Eradication Scheme. Residential blocks, varying in sizes, sit in some of the well-established suburbs in Tuggeranong.

Excelling resources, heritage, integrity, and continuous growth. Tuggeranong Valley is a goldmine of real estate in Canberra today.