Tuggeranong has been tugged along into the future!Change has been prevalent in the infrastructure of our quaint, southernmost Town Centre of Canberra for the past few months. Now, while there have been many exciting new additions, there have also been some tough farewells to familiar old sights. And we, at McIntyre Property, Tuggeranong’s best real estate agency, would love to hear your thoughts!

This past May, it was announced that the ACT government planned to fund the revamping of pedestrian and cycling paths in Tuggeranong. Urban Renewal Minister, Mick Gentleman and Transport Minister, Meegan Fitzharris announced that citizens could expect lush, green grass to replace the paved areas surrounding the Tuggeranong Arts Centre, which would aid in creating additional green space. This reconditioning would also help provide brand new paths to link the Lakeside Leisure Centre with the Lake Tuggeranong shared path, something most cycling enthusiasts can rejoice in. However, we’d also like to hear from the rest of the community – what additions (or subtractions!) do you think this space requires in order to best serve its habitué?

Additionally, May also saw the rebranding of the heart of the Tuggeranong Town Centre – the beloved two-storey shopping centre formerly known as Hyperdome. During the 90s, Hyper-D was considered the ‘it’ place of outings, and it did have a good run. For over 30 years, the Hyperdome sign was a staple sight at the Tuggeranong Town Centre. However, now it has been given a makeover to match the millennial demands; one that has been designed with the hope to cater to the ‘Nappy Valley’ that has now entered adulthood.

For property sellers, this is great news indeed as this could mean rise in house prices in Tuggeranong. Nonetheless, if you’ve been residing in Canberra since the 1990s, it may seem almost like the end of an era to see that Hyperdome has now been renamed ‘South.Point’. The brand-new name, along with the modern feel and vibe has been strategically planned to reflect the changing times, yet still focus on being ‘all things South.’ With its no-frills, crisp yet elegant logo, the new South.Point brand concept is simple – a warm, welcoming family destination that provides a better dining, shopping, and entertainment experience for the growing community.

All of these changes have truly made for some interesting times in Tuggeranong and we do wish to hear the community’s feedback. Are these renovations the changes you’d envision for a Tuggeranong getting with the times, or is there more you’d like to see done with the space? Do let us know of your thoughts in the comments below!