Are you searching for ideas to decorate your open plan living room? Look no further! Open plan living has become a huge trend all over the world, and the land down under is not lagging to hop onto the newest fad. Decorating your living room, to fit in multiple uses is less complicated, but going overboard and cluttering is very easy. So where do you draw the line? Our tips will help ensure your space is the perfect blend of open, airy, snug and homely all at the same time, but not cold, cluttered and uninviting.

Try these decor tips to get the perfect cozy living room!

Create separate zones: Open plan living rooms have so much potential to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. A little bit of intelligent planning will give you a different zone each for lounging, working, dining and still have room to spare. Take a good look at your space and decide where you want to put the sofa (by a large window, is a great idea), the home-office/study table (with ample light and comfortable seating), and dining table (an island kitchen diner!). Ensure you stabilise your separated zones by creating a focal point for each of them. For instance, the lounge area or sofa can be focused on a shelving unit with or without a TV, have your work desk facing a wall with some modern art or picture frames to create an office atmosphere. Exciting art and ornaments strewn across the place will draw the eye away from the kitchen and dining areas and even act as great conversation starters!

Have extra comfy nooks: It’s always a good idea to have multiple seating options for those days when you have guests over, or you’re throwing a party. Create comfortable conversation nooks by placing chairs, ottomans or other seating in various places for people to sit and relax while chatting. Place a small coffee table, so your guests have somewhere to keep their cups or wine glasses.

Make your space warm and cozy: Often, open plan living rooms tend to feel cold due to the ample area and high ceilings. A great way to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere is by installing a fireplace. You could make the traditional wood-burning hearth for its raw and luxurious appeal, but if you don’t want the hassle of building a high maintenance chimney, get a bioethanol fireplace which is currently trending for their ease of installation; they’re also environmentally friendly and have a contemporary look.

Bring in some texture: Open spaces are just multiple rooms without walls, all rolled into one large area. This can be intimidating for some, but a smart move can make different ‘rooms within a room’. All you need is some dimension, and using texture in the fabrics, upholstery and elsewhere will give you just that. Earthy, natural fibre rugs add a snug feel to any room and can be layered too. Textured cushions, throw pillows and chunky blankets make the living space more inviting, so do warm lighting fixtures and reclaimed wooden furniture. An excellent tip to save your money is to create a shadowbox or mood board of your preferred style before purchasing the decor items so that you don’t end up picking something that doesn’t work out.

Architectural elements like high-low ceilings, steps, brick walls and even some added lighting like chandeliers or unique lamps, sconces and other cleverly placed items also go a long way in taking the look of your space a notch higher. If you have any other ideas for open plan living decor, feel free to leave a comment below!