As soon as you plan to renovate your house suddenly a lot of ‘rules’ start popping up like, ‘dark colours will give the room a smaller look’ or ‘ceilings should always be in white to give an open look’. Well, out of all these myths the most prominent one is ‘not using the black on your walls because being the darkest it not only makes your look small but also gives it a mournful atmosphere.’

Let us discuss here how using black which is called as noir, kala, Schwartz in other languages can be used to give an elite look to your room.

Black gives the effect of infinite space.

It is considered as the colour of reserved austerity, luxury, and elegance.

Being the deepest colour of all it creates a peaceful atmosphere

In fact, if every room could use a little black, it can give it an entirely different meaning. Let us see how:

For a harmonious effect: Combining black with flamboyant colours gives bright contrasts, whereas black and pastel colours create a more harmonious background. You can use this combination in your bedroom.

For a royal look: Another classic way to design with black is combining it with gold or white, and your interior will have a regal look.

For a gorgeous look: A black background and add a large number of bright and multicoloured accessories to it, your room will give a great look. For example, if you want to draw attention to a collection of paintings, hang them on a black wall.

To use it as chalkboard: One more way to use black is to paint some part of a wall or an entire door with special black paint to create a chalkboard effect. Children can use this type of a surface to draw, while parents can write a shopping list or a plan for the day on it.

If you use black eggshell paint for the walls, it will give your room a fantastic look, and a white ceiling will match black walls perfectly.

Black should not be used only as paint, but it can be used in a glossy lacquered finish or a veneer or polished wood black or some of the texture.

To correct the myth that black gives a room a ‘cave effect’ consider using darker colours in places with plenty of windows and bring in lighter colour trim, furniture, and flooring materials to balance out the dark colours.

Black can give that amazing look in kitchens and bathrooms too. It’s a sheer myth that black cannot be used in small places. You can use back painted glass or laminated shutters or black tiles in different patterns. You can use black in the form of fittings too.

Using that hue in your interior can make you feel like something of a gothic romance. But of course, it should not dominate. After all, every colour has its place.