One of the first 18 original districts of Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Belconnen, is named after a land grant that was made to explorer Charles Sturt, during colonial times. Situated almost entirely within the boundaries of the country’s capital, Canberra, the district of Belconnen is further subdivided into 25 different suburbs. Formerly occupied by Ginninderra, agricultural lands that were later surrendered to urban development, it is, in essence, the original Ginninderra Land.

With the beautiful, artificially created Lake Ginninderra situated right alongside the Town Centre, Belconnen is a treasure trove of hidden gems in terms of real estate. The majority of the suburbs are primarily recognised for the abundance of comfortable family homes on various suburban blocks, along with clustered units of medium density housing and various pockets of townhouses. McIntyre has opened its new office in the district of Belconnen, following the acquisition of Rutherford Johnston Properties, a few months ago.

Take a look at some of the amazing real estate gems that Belconnen boasts of!

Ginninderra Lake: A beautiful blue lake that was artificially created in 1974 to collect stormwater, and is home to many ducks, black swans, moorhens and rakali. The most amazing thing about Lake Ginninderra is how one side of the lake has a bushland vibe, while the other side, surrounds the John Knight Memorial Park, which includes a disc golf course and also a treehouse! You can relish an outdoor barbecue with your friends and family, and perhaps, even enjoy a ride in the jetty boats.

Belconnen Town Centre: The district town centre is a huge attraction as it houses many retail and commercial facilities to while away your time on the weekend. The Westfield shopping mall is located right in the heart of the centre and is a true shopper’s paradise. Apart from that, many smaller retail shops are scattered around the centre as well as fresh food markets, baked goods shops, fashion and jewellery stores, a health centre, and a public library too.

Black Mountain: With fantastic views peeking through the trees, walking around the trails on the Black Mountain is an adventurer’s delight. With a hundred different species of birds, 500 varieties of plants, and more than 5000 species of insects, the Black Mountain is easily the most diverse of Canberra’s nature parks. Atop the mountain, which was once home to indigenous Australians, is the Telstra Tower lookout, that offers breathtaking 360-degree views of the Bush Capital.

Canberra Stadium: Constructed in 1977 for Pacific Conference Games, this is the largest sports venue in Canberra, with the capacity of over 25000. Today, it is used for the Australian Rugby League and Rugby Union Games.